Goodnight gorgeous Gabana

With a regular intake of elderly, sick and disabled puds, providing a loving hospice environment is what Twilight does. However, it never gets any easier when it is time to say goodbye to a beloved Pud. Sadly, 2021 began with the loss of sweet little Gabana whose supermodel looks and flirty wiggle had captured many hearts. You can just imagine her strutting down the catwalk at a D&G fashion show!

And so, it is with a heavy heart that Leeanne writes:

Gabana – What a beautiful little girlie. I recall just over three years ago, the SPA at Limoges asked if we would take this little lady, as she was epileptic, but also suffered that stressful turning in constant circles. She had been homed many times, but was repeatedly returned due to her episodes and odd behaviour. The SPA medical team had tried numerous drugs and nothing seemed to help. So, of course, she was welcomed to join the Twilight family.

We too tried all medications. A brain tumour was muted, and as she lost sight in one eye, this was all but reinforced. We managed her fits, and she seemed less stressed for a long time. Sadly, the last few months have found her deteriorating. And over the last few weeks her own quality of life has been very much in question, with more and longer fits, and very grim and sad outbursts in the later part of the day, with no consoling.

What a character. An absolute flirt, and she loved her men. Ben was her beau for a long time, both fun and beautiful to watch. This week we have let her gain her wings. She knew it was her time. She lay into me, looking up, she went soft and quiet, bless her for accepting her time and helping me to be confident. Gabana, just you be gentle on all those men you are going to meet now, with full health! Run free beautiful princess, and know you will never be forgotten. Love from us all xxx