Happy Days with Harley Davidson

Way back in 2014 Fariha, a blind dog from Sarajevo arrived at Twilight. This was thanks to Blind Dog Rescue UK who had become involved with a rather grim situation of 13 dumped dogs, all of whom had been very seriously ill-treated and bullied. They found Fariha amongst them, only young, but petrified and blind, likely from the bullying. We were asked if we would take the little lady, and of course, we did. This scared stiff little pudding was collected by our team, Terry and Deb, yet another not so simple collection of a pudding we never know very much about.

We just could not get our tongues around her name Feriha so before long Farley she became, because her colouring looks like a Farleys rusk and it sort of sounds the same! Despite her sad start, Farley soon settled to Twilight life, greeting us with a waggy tail and a big hug every day. Farley was firm friends with dear disabled Basil but sadly he left us all too soon, and after that Farley never really found another good (doggy) friend at Twilight.

Then, one day one of our dear supporters, Linda fell for Farley and asked if she might adopt her. To be honest, we had grown to love her so much, but it is always about what is best for the dog. Whilst disabled Basil was alive we would never have let her go, as she adored him. But when he died she was a little lost, so maybe this was going to be best for her.

In the early days Farley wrote to us every day, and her progress was quite marvellous, when we think how this blind scared little lady was when she first arrived here. It wasn’t long before Farley had a new name – Harley, and soon embarked on a life full of adventures. She enjoys holidays by the sea, walks around the lake in her department and snuggling up by the fire with her puss cat friends.

Harley has also been busy promoting Twilight and raising funds. Her story features in our biography, Paws Before Bedtime, as she raised €1655 to buy a poop-a-scoop paddock vacuum for Twilight, by organising a quiz night, a car rally, and seeking donations. Harley even made a personal appearance at a book ‘paw signing’ event, too. Harley’s mum Linda also helps Twilight however she can, often making meals for the Leeanne, Mike and the volunteers to help lighten their load.

Says Linda:

“I’m a cat person really … never wanted a dog … but on my first visit to Twilight (to ‘just drop-off some duvets for the dogs), ‘Farley’ stole my heart! We spent a couple of days with friends in the Dordogne and I couldn’t get her out of my mind, so on the way home we called in again at Twilight to have a chat with Leeanne and Mike; a couple of weeks later ‘Farley’ became Harley Davidson, and we’ve never looked back!

She’s an amazing dog, so loving, gentle, spirited and courageous, in spite of being blind and (in the past) mal-treated as a former ‘street dog’.  Best thing I ever did, going back for her; I love her to bits!! Thank you Twilight for being there for both of us xxxxx”