Introducing the Shy Puds

If you follow Twilight on social media you might have noticed that certain puds seem to grab the limelight. From Rock with his superstar looks to dear little Dobbie with his fancy pants and Bear who always seems to have a ball or cushion in his mouth. Well, we decided it was time to turn the camera lens towards some of the quieter puds, those who hide under the table or spend most of their days snuggled warm in one of the numerous beds or on sofas and chairs. Here are a couple of their stories, you can find more and keep up to date with all the Puds’ antics on our Facebook page.


Thanks to the wonderful Isabelle of Orfee, dear old Winnie was rescued from the streets of Romania, chosen from the many hundreds by Isabelle. His journey was no mean feat, taking five long days. We thank all involved, but especially our Terry and Bryan who took the last stage. Winnie was clearly anxious and wary and took a good week to settle but soon became one of the team. You couldn’t breathe when he first arrived, he was incredibly timid and afraid of his own shadow. He still has his issues, bless him. He will be at the back of the living room, wanting to be able to see everything. In the warmer weather he has his settee outside and just sits back and watches the world go by. Of an evening, he will only come through the door in the dark if Leeanne is behind him; it’s just his way. He loves a secret little play with you when he thinks no one is watching, and is a poppit at feed time, waiting patiently in his own area for his yums to come. He can be a little territorial of his space with his canine chums, and a full set of mashers might be produced but he is just stating his claim to his quiet corner for the night. He is a wonderful example of how street boy makes good and with just patience and time will find his way. Xxx


What a mingy, smellie greasy little blob arrived! Bless her. Obviously, when you rehome from abroad, you have no idea and, we must say, we weren’t sure what to make of her. She didn’t want to engage with you, and she just sat away. Poor love was all but shut down. She slowly warmed to a home life, started being interested in humans, and trusting us a little. Then, she realised her canine chums were her family, not competition on the street, and everyone got fed. And then came the washes and hair tidying … she was clean. It was clearly a new found relief. She is now just blooming. Lies content amongst the Twilight team, comes for snugs, love to play and her past is just that. Those big eyes have got daddy entirely around her little paw. Xxx

Madge & Versailles ~ spot the difference!


Dear Versailles was found on the streets, and not claimed. 13 years old. Thanks to Les Amis for taking the old lad under their wing. They very kindly fostered him during his waiting time to come to Twilight, and had his manly hood seen too, to be sure he both fitted in the pack at Chez nous, and that he couldn’t see to any of our unsterilised senior ladies!

Versailles is a huge fluffy old fella who isn’t really a pack lad. He has settled well enough, loves his routine and is always never far from what is going on but he is an on the edge type chap. Not pushy and rarely leads anything. He isn’t fond of big Bear, and will give him a bit of a growl, but that is probably more the older man feeling it with the younger one around, it doesn’t last and soon enough they can be found snuggled near each other. Xxx


Dear Cannelle arrived with her daughter little Appy, both victims of divorce. She’s another ancient soul, with her sight all but gone and now able to see only shadows. Nevertheless, Cannelle is very vocal if she thinks she is stuck, as a 4cm little break between stones clearly looks like a massive jump for her, or a dog in a doorway means her exit is clearly blocked! She will be sure to let us all know that she needs to be rescued. Cannelle loves to be cuddled and always relocates from wherever she is sleeping to our bedroom at night time, like a homing device! Medically, like many older dogs she has weepy eyes that need care, and she’s a fussy old eater these days, in that her mind is going so she needs some help to keep the focus  on her food bowl. A treasured little soul, we love her, like all the Twilighters.