Introducing Rock, and says Leanne, “Let me tell you a little story. Back at the beginning of April I allowed myself a quiet moment and a little peek onto FB. It is always a disaster for me, I get caught up in the virtual world and always deeply torn by the doggie stories. And so it was, a new pudding would be born!”

We always try here at Twilight to be sure that 75 to 80 % of our puddings are from France (we are a French asso after all), but also for us there are no borders if we feel it is right to help. Our good friend Linda Renton supports a Romanian rescue group, and that very morning they had fallen on a young street dog had been run over by a train. Yes, you read that right. They have so many dogs, he was so damaged and poorly, but they didn’t let him go. The vets did all they could. We were so touched by this that we offered, if he were to survive, if it was appropriate, that we would home him.

Five months later, his right leg and tail have been taken by the train. His damaged back left leg has left him walking on his knee, and his front left leg is now healed but awkward. But, he was over the sepsis infection and ready to meet the Twilight world. Three days’ travel to get to us, thanks to Linda Renton making all these arrangements and to our Terry and Brian meeting him on a ten-hour round trip. He is cautious but loving and enjoyed a quiet first night. How welcome are you dear Rock.