September 2020 and for Steffi, her (new) life was just beginning. Here is her story from Leeanne: “Well, not sure what to say really. We have a new girlie on the block … entirely my wish … why? She is another full paraplegic. Many moons ago, I was contacted by a lady Marylin, from Fureys Furry friends. Would I consider an Egyptian paraplegic? No, say I, not the right time. But, she was gently persistent and finally Steffi, named by our auction winners, flew from Cairo to CDG airport and started her road journey home. Thank you James of FFF.

She is our fifth paraplegic and I have to be honest in the worst state we have received. She has come through Miracles Mission. And boy, is her new life a miracle for her. Street dog, to huge number in a refuge dog, to selected dog, to many hours on a plane dog, to a new life dog. Her back is broken, likely from kicking, or could have been car side on. That back two-thirds is dead and her poor legs so swollen from multiple infections and necrosis. But, she will get loving care and all she needs here at Twilight.