Twilight is thrilled to introduce you to a new outreach Pudding …. Filou. The words are below from his new mummy Debbie. We thank our friends Deb and Bryan for taking Filou home xxx

I am delighted to say that we have a new family member. Filou is 12 1/2, his mum adopted him 5 years ago but sadly she has severe health problems now and a move to be close to her family means that Filou cannot go with her.

We lost our dear shi tzu Donald 4 weeks ago at the age of 14 and although Suzy seemed quite happy being a spoiled only dog we have room in our house and hearts for another doggy who needs a living home.

Because we are so closely involved with Twilight and know how many older dogs are desperate for homes it was a foregone conclusion that we would choose one to come and live with us. I had registered to long term foster but when I saw the details of Filou on an appeal I knew I had to get in touch and offer him a home.

We drove a  550km round trip in the motorhome to collect him, setting off from home we obviously didn’t know whether he and Su would get on, we had been assured that Filou likes other dogs and Su is good with everyone she meets but still we wondered…..We shouldn’t have worried at all, we arrived at the meeting place, Filou and his mummy were waiting, the two doggies met, had a sniff and then we went for a walk together with the two behaving as if they had always been together.

Sad goodbyes were said to Filous mummy, we cried of course, and I assured her that her precious boy would receive nothing but love and care in his new home. He got into the motorhome, settled down next to Suzy and slept for 2 hours until we stopped for lunch then slept until we arrived home. What an amazing boy.

We explored the garden together before coming into the house. The newly made doggy bed didn’t impress but the cool floor tiles did! Well it was a very hot day! Sitting next to daddy on the sofa wasn’t bad but the floor was better, the sofa can wait for colder days!

It was only about half an hour after arriving that the two doggies were curled together on a floor cushion, so sweet to see. I think it is safe to say that Filou is going to be happy here.

We love him already and we thank Twilight with all our hearts for allowing him to be an outreach pudding xx