Dick 2

Seventeen years old next March, this lad had lost his lifelong owner. He was old, wobbly, poor sighted and pained, with a deformed back right foot, likely due to severe arthritis, bless him. Within only a few short weeks of joining the Pudding Pack, very very sadly, Dick had a bad night and by morning he couldn’t stand. He was in severe pain and in need of vet support. But sadly, the hefty painkilling injection gave no respite, so the inevitable was ahead. Dear Anne was babysitting the Puddings at the time, thank you Anne, not least for the last cuddles and treats of cheese, but so sorry you had to have this moment, when you give so much to help Twilight life. And dear Dick, you may not have been with us long, but what a love you were. Thankfully you didn’t die alone in a cage, as dear Sally saw the need of that last warmth of a home in your eyes. We loved you, the Puds all loved you. Thank you for you.