The Queen of Twilight, our regal lady of the tripod, Emie. It is with quite the saddest and heavy heart I have to share with you dear Emie’s passing. Her illness was quick, and only discomfort for a few days. She was our minx. I recall the very day I went to collect a poodle for SPA Limoges. Only to be introduced to the war horse of a rag lady, found with sepsis on the roads, and the SPA had wonderfully amputated her sepsis rear right leg. She was recovering in the oldies pound, but was being bullied. This three legged, heavily strapped and scared girlie was not liked for some reason. Well, of course I took her home and we all loved her instantly. But as she grew well and strong she tried two new homes. She was only three then. But, the minx was having none of it and ran off each time and came home here! She was so strong.

Twice a year she would get the escape urge though, cleverly watching for those open door moments and the unsuspecting doorman. She would hot foot it over the fields, never far away and always telling us she hadn’t really run off as such! Well, the bugger did it again whilst we had sitters. Eight years old now, a wise old bird, and not overly fit anymore. Not out long and thankfully found by a dear friend’s dog Beau in the higher field just behind us. But this time – exhausted. Her kidneys took the brunt of the fatigue, overheated or too far dehydrated. She fought. We fought. But her kidneys failed her.

She was precious. One of a kind. Strong, demanding, a girl of her own mind. What a joy you have been my lovely girl. We love you. We are empty here. The puddings all howled at your exact time of passing …. even though you were 20 minutes away at the vet. They stopped, they saluted you. Run free over the rainbow bridge now my friend. What a joy you have been. Bless you for all you have taught us. Love you Em xxxxx