Darling Manu, our lump of an old Griffon. Spotted in a corner at SPA Limoges, volunteer and friend Katarina asked if we could find space for the 13 year sad old man. Well what a podge, what a love, what a joy. But he had chronic ear damage. Quite the worst we have ever seen. The inner ears were just one big open sore, with constant pus and blood. He was cleaned under anaesthetic, and we also did a full ultrasound. He had clear internal problems and this manifested itself through his skin, oily and mottled. A life ahead on steroids, with the strongest antibiotics. We tried alternative meds and much healing and love. Manu loved his food, and we loved him, but sadly he was not comfortable and his health was only going one way. He was so tired, his passing was for him a feeling of tangible relief. He slipped away into a heavy sleep. We are so pleased he came to us, and thank Limoges SPA for entrusting this special soul to our care. Rest now friend. Be pain and smell free, time to be you again xxx