Nina was the first real Twilighter, saved by Sue from PoorPaws. She was pretty old when she arrived and had been at Twilight for three and a half years. Determined, her weak heart was not going to stop her running, her blindness from a fit wasn’t going to stop her exploring and her deafness didn’t interfere with love and cuddles, and even going a bit dotty near the end didn’t matter two hoots. She’d had a tough innings and they don’t make them tougher. She loved every minute, everyone, and every grateful mouthful of food that came her way. Sadly, cancer got her in the end. Nina, you will forever be our Twilight mascot, the inspiration for all dogs that there is life after being forgotten. You have given us strength to give other doggies life at the apparent end – when end might mean years. Bless you our little friend, much missed but never forgotten. Love you little one, sweet dreams xx