Darling Bert came nearly 4 years ago. I remember it so very well, as Mike had had his first back surgery. I remember the lovely family whose garden he had chosen to wander into, a mess and starving. No chip – unloved. His ears stunk, they were deeply grim.

He came and settled as if he had always lived here. Never been any trouble. His ears needing daily attention. The vet could sadly not operate, he was too old even then, and his heart never that strong. We moved from antibiotics to steroids, and pain killers for his hips too but he was determined and happy and the truest Twilighter.

Sadly, these last few months have seen him frail. He was tired, his ears more painful, and he was unsettled. With the vets, we all agreed it was time. He was around 16 or 17 years old. He looked sleepy into my eyes, took a deep breath, and I could feel his peace.

Oh Bert … we will miss you. We will always love you. Thank you for all you have given us. Rest now dear friend, be free, lift that head and be proud. Xxx