Poor little lamb, so many homes. Having been abandoned, she finally found a spot to settle. We thank you for choosing us, and we thank you for all your amazing love. So quiet, but always close.

We thank Phoenix for trusting us to take you for your last days, and all those who cared for you through the hope of clearing you of cancer. You were never more than a few feet from our feet, and your eyes and soul were just beautiful.

Sadly, the cancer inside you had a hold, and as we saw your physical change, the scans were the proof it was time to cross the bridge and join all your Twilight family. Over 400 puds now on that bridge…. I am sure you felt the gust of love in all those waggy tails.

Thank you Leonie for teaching us the reminder, that love fills us all. Be free little one of all pain now xxxx December 2021