And our beautiful light goes out …. Goodnight Darling Athena.🌈🌈🌈

Such a precious soul. Born with pretty much everything wrong, an overseas chipped Girly, dumped likely by her breeder? Who knows. But thank you to Angoulême SPA for rescuing her and our Verity taking her home and loving her. As it was clear her young life would be short, dear Athena joined the Twilight puds family.

She had the most delicious character, loved to be loved and was such a presence. Sadly, we saw her decline, losing her sight, difficulty breathing, sensitive skin and tummy, pain, weak heart, riddled with old lady arthritis. But she was just 4 years old. Heart breaking. But she enjoyed the life she had, maybe bar the last week or so.

This morning we sat as we always did for that head to head mummy girl love hug. But my hands stayed cold as we did our little healing …. And she leaned on me … we both knew it was her time. She had given all she had to give.

The one thing she didn’t lose was her love of food …. So sausages it was to be. Barely able to breathe….but she yummed them!

As the vet gave her that first anaesthetic….my goodness …. She looked so peaceful. So beautiful. The relief was palpable.

Rest now my darling. Loved by us all. You will come back home to be in the garden on this side, but on your side of the rainbow run free. Gallop for all you are worth. See. Smell. Be.

Thank you for all you shared with us, taught us.

Love you precious lady Athena xxx Goodnight poppit. Xxx