Once a Twilighter, always a Twilighter

We have a saying at Twilight: Once a Twilighters, always a Twilighters. This means that when one of sweet Puds goes off to an Outreach home, or is adopted by one of our wonderful supporters, the doors of Twilight never close. That Pud is always welcome back, at any time, whether it be for a short holiday break if for any reason they can’t go with family, or for a little respite whilst their pawrents deal with their own medical issues, or even, when sadly they outreach mums or dads pass over the rainbow bridge ahead of time. So it was back in January 2020 when dear Mozart and Dankeur returned to Twilight when their outreach dad was hospitalised, and then later the same year, both Melodie and Leia came back home when our wonderful supporters Iris died unexpectedly.

These past few weeks we’ve been delighted to welcome Cleo and Mimi back into the Twilight Pudding Pack. Do you remember the little tinker Mimi? Looking back in the archives we reckon it was early 2014. Mimi was a little young for Twilight, but at the time she was an urgent case locally. And then, dear Cleo, our Caesar’s sister. Together they joined Twilight from Saintes SPA. They’d both been removed from a house due to ill-treatment and were literally scared stiff. Caesar was so frightened that he could not walk due to fear. Gradually, with the special Twilight brand of love and care, both came out of their shells, even to the extent that Chloe (now renamed Cleo) could be rehomed.

Who’s who? Caesar or Cleo …

Both Mimi and Cleo went to live with one very lovely lady, Cecily. Well, now 10 and 15 years old, their dear Mum and long-time special supporter to the Puds is in hospital with a hip replacement and complications. So the girls have come home for a while. We thank Franc for collecting them on the four-hour round trip. It is lovely to see them again looking very well. They settled straight in and we are sure that Caesar recognised his twin. In fact, we had great fun on Facebook, challenging our supporters to guess the correct dog: they are remarkably similar, as you can see from the photos. Both Mimi and Cleo are having a great time, and we wish dear Cecily a full and healthy recovery in hospital. We will look after your girls xxx