L is for love ­– everything that Twilight stands for

In our ad hoc alphabetical series we’ve reached the letter L. We’ve had quite a few dogs’ whose names begin with L: little Leia, an outreach pud, dear Lemon the setter, two Lilys, Lulu, Lulette, Lucky and Luna, not forgetting two Louis. Then, of course, there’s Mummy Twilight – Leeanne. But what word really sums up Twilight is LOVE. On the Home page our strapline is “Twilight – ensuring a dog’s last memory is of being loved. So, it seems appropriate to cover all these bases and let Leeanne have the last word with this extract from the Twilight biography Paws Before Bedtime.

 “The last word … must go to Leeanne

The cycle of life in the rescue world is harsh. Nine years in, you would hope progress in our modern world would mean there is less need for us here at Twilight. But goodness, no. It is sad, there are so, so many oldies needing a home for their last days. Why? Quite simply, as elderly owners die, their furry friends are left behind. This I understand, but why are so many still left on the streets, ill-treated for years, or left in a refuge because no one cares anymore?

No one likes talking about death. But it is the only thing guaranteed to us from birth. Just like the amazing, beautiful first spring daffodils are already wilting, so will we and so will our furry Puds. So, I am going to ask you to harden up. No, not to lose the sadness or feelings, but to help an oldie in its last months. Take in a dog of eleven, twelve or fifteen years when your neighbour dies. Share your sofa. They might cost you a few heart pills, or even need their teeth cleaning as their old mum didn’t notice that need in her last days. The love you will receive in return is beyond anything that you would need for thanks.

Yes, you might get a pee on the kitchen mat. You might be woken at night because they are confused and need a cuddle. And yes, you will almost certainly need, due to pain or illness, to make that last and kindest decision to help them over the Bridge and hold them as they pass. Isn’t that why we are all here? To help and love each living soul. Make our lives as loved and as comfortable as possible? The thought of looming death being around isn’t comfortable for many of us, but we will all have it to come ourselves, perhaps later rather than sooner. So, rather than hide, or deflect it, let’s embrace it. Let’s make every last minute available count, for us and for all dogs.”

BTW, this isn’t really the last word. We’ll be back next week with our 100th blog post! And a very special one at that. Meanwhile, here are all the L’s lovely puds …