H is for the happy hounds of Twilight

It’s time to return to our occasional series of the Twilight A to Z, and according to calculations we have reached the letter H. What can H stand for? Well, ‘happy’ and the Twilight dogs certainly are all happy, or we could choose some names. We’ve had a few: Hero, Hercules, Hope, Humphrey, Harold, Harley and a couple of Henrys. But, today we’re remembering hounds, or those typical hunting-type dogs that are often abandoned when they don’t come up to scratch with the Chasse or their hunting or breeding career is over.


Perhaps our most famous hound was dear Emie, the Queen of Twilight, our regal lady tripod. At only three years old, she was found wandering the roads with an infected leg and taken in by Limoges SPA. They had wonderfully amputated her sepsis infested rear right leg, but she was being bullied. Well, of course, home to Twilight she came and we all loved her instantly. As she grew well and strong she tried two new homes, but the minx was having none of it and ran off each time and came home!

Twice a year she would get the escape urge, cleverly watching for those open door moments and the unsuspecting doorman. She would hot foot it over the fields, never far away and always telling us she hadn’t really run off as such! Sadly, at eight years old, a wise old bird, and not overly fit anymore the wandering urge came again and off she went. Although she wasn’t out long, this time she became exhausted. Her kidneys took the brunt of the fatigue, overheated or too far dehydrated. She fought. We fought. But her kidneys failed her. She was precious. One of a kind. Strong, demanding, a girl of her own mind; a typical hound.

Nurse Justine

Sharing Emie’s good looks of a traditional hound was dear Justine. Dear Justine had quite the grimmest life she had before us. Some stories it is best you do not know. Let us just remember this precious girl for overcoming pain and ill treatment and being so forgiving. Her tail never stopped wagging – she just loved to be loved. We also remember this special girl for nursing dear Wolfy when he arrived, battered and bruised. She snuggled up to him in his basket until he stopped shaking.

Finnette & Beatrice – floppy ears and big hearts

Dear Finette, thirteen years old and saved thanks to Cahors refuge. Whilst thin, she regrouped pretty well, but sadly poor lass went into season. This unnecessary stress on her body weakened her heart and she wasn’t especially comfortable. The vet worked hard with us to keep her both comfortable and discover what else might ail her. Cancer and her heart both took a part in the need to finally pass over the Bridge.

We knew darling Beatrice had a tummy tumour, probably why she was kicked out of  her in the first place. But it wasn’t a problem for our girl who enjoyed happy days with her fellow puds. In her last six weeks she grew uncomfortably large, with clear discomfort as several nasty tumours were attacking her intestines. Dear Beatrice left peacefully over the bridge. We loved your droopy eyes and ears, and your dribbling was just you.

Boubou and Peypere – the inseparable couple

When Boubou and Peypere came, thanks to some very special ladies in their village who saved them, we all fell instantly in love. They had lived their lives together and they were inseparable. They loved each other close every day. Sweet Peypere, over time, grew fragile, but he was still determined to stay with his life-long cherished friend Boubou. But Boubou knew his old mates time had come and howled for two nights running. Dear Peypere slipped very, very quickly away as we promised that we would love his friend Boubou to the very same point.

When Peypere died, we feared for Boubou, but she turned all her love to daddy. As daddy Mike got sick, she loved him and watched over him. One night, as always, she went to bed with him. Leeanne was just getting everyone tucked up in bed when she heard a mighty scuffle. She feared Mike had fallen from his bed, but ran to find Boubou having the mightiest fit. A tranquillising treatment didn’t work and it was a late night scramble to the vets where she was quickly sedated. We reviewed her recent history and felt the diagnosis of a brain tumour looked most likely, and so she was allowed to pass peacefully. Boubou and Peypere reunited again.