It’s play time at Twilight

Over the past few years we have sadly lost some treasured supporters of Twilight. Many friends and family have generously donated monies in their memory and we accumulated a little fund with which we wanted to do something special, as a tribute. This is nothing new, Twilight has been built on people’s generosity ~ remember Maddie’s cabin and washroom, and our memorial garden? From time to time we have been able to buy different items with these legacies to enhance pudding life, and we have a small plaque to remember each and every person. A bench has been muted often and that’s how we found Marmax, and these wonderful recycled brightly coloured pudding exercise/play equipment.

It wasn’t meant to be purchased until this spring/summer but the items are made of recycled plastic, so a fabulous carbon pud print!! And, with Brexit looming we didn’t want to have to pay VAT or any import duties, hence the purchase on the 31st Dec! It was all down to a bit of keenness on the part of mummy Leeanne and the wish to help stimulate some of the puds, as well as the two depth pools being a great rehab and cooling down tool!

We have been doing our homework for a few years, and this company are just superb, from product, customer care and quality.  We could only afford the basics, but we think that is all we need to stimulate the puds’ time. The play park is already showing itself to be fabulous fun and shared time for all. The pools are really far superior to what we expected as Ben and Caesar have already discovered!

In the late spring we will formally launch these new additions, with plaques and friends and family of those deceased over the last few years asking to be remembered. But, in special memory to one of our own, dear Iris, outreach mum to Melodie and Leia, volunteer, baker and spinner of our Alpaca wool, the beautiful rainbow bench is in your memory dear friend, as requested by your friends and family.

We hope the play park will grow to become an integral part of Twilight life. It makes us smile every time we go into the garden, so a fabulous start.