A big welcome to Team Twilight for lovely Snowy

It’s time to introduce a very special new pudding. Fans of Willy, our humongous patou will no doubt remember the sad and horrid story of the severe neglect and traumatised patous, rescued by the amazing Asso Les Amis des Animaux. We wrote about here a few weeks ago, and are pleased to report that Willy has progressed in leaps and bounds since his arrival. William came here after his first stage of rehab and is doing splendidly (except for loud noises or bangs). Well, one of the ladies in this sad story was Snowy. Her fur was a mighty mess and she’d had a traumatic experience, which she couldn’t share. She’s so bottled up that she refuses to move, has poor eye contact, and is genuinely terrified although has not an ounce of aggression in her.

She regrouped enough after her first stage of rehab, but the next move was just a little too much for the lady. Snowy was loved so much in both the homes who have helped her since the rescue. Her grooming has made her so soft to the touch, and she has been sterilised too, as we know, a much needed process before our oldies get too old to take it. But despite all the care, she wasn’t budging, needing two to move her to help her toilet. We think Snowy just needs time. Thanks to the care from her previous two fosterers she is well, recovered from infections and knows no one is going to hurt her.

Snowy has now joined team Twilight. We feel privileged to have her here. Her first night was calm. She is eating, and she looks interested in her new mad hatters house of fellow canines with various body parts and a new mum that sings and makes up the words! She is going to need time. Let’s hope she feels confident in time to take in all that is around her. Her very first friend was Rock. As soon as she arrived Rock joined her, and has been watching guard ever since, as slowly her new mates have tentatively introduced themselves. The signs are good. Only a few days after arrival, Snowy has ventured out of the isolation room, looking for breakfast. Let’s hope she is soon running around the garden with her new chums.