Let’s welcome Willy!

It’s time to introduce a new handsome man to Twilight. He’s an old, blind Pyrenean Mountain dog, commonly known as a patou, eleven years old and his name is Willy. He came to us via Les Amis des Animaux, a wonderful association that works with refuges to help domestic animals who are most in need. In addition to brokering fosters and adoptions, and dealing with veterinary costs, Les Amis has a number of cats and dogs in lifetime foster whose costs are fully funded by the association. All this work is due to their great team of volunteers and fundraisers.

Willy was one of five patous who had been rescued from a sad and desperate situation. Their owner was found dead in his garden, likely lain there for several days, and the dogs had been left uncared for at least two years. The wonderful Les Amis were immediately involved, with urgent care taken on by loving fosterers. Sadly, one of dogs was too poorly and could not be saved, but Belle, Willy, Snowdrop and Lulu soon began to prosper, with Lulu giving birth to two gorgeous pups. Check out Les Amis’ Facebook group for their cute pup videos.

When he arrived with foster mum Sandy, Willy was malnourished, with loss of fur and blind. He soon began to find his feet, and put on weight and within a few weeks he was ready to leave Sandy’s for pastures new. Being a blind dog, Willy had special needs and so we were delighted to welcome him to Twilight. He was transported to us by the team at Alikat Taxi Chien, who reported that he was as good as gold on the journey. Within minutes of his arrival Willy was keen to sniff out his surroundings and make contact with his new family. Despite his sight loss, which he is clearly very used to, he mapped his new home very quickly. Initially he preferred being outside, but within a few weeks he was exploring the house, finding the comfiest bed and wagging that mighty tail whenever his name is called.

Willy now knows his way around the garden, and can find the water bowls unaided; all major landmarks for a blind dog. He loves his food and is happy to eat side by side with his smaller chums, though apparently there is sometimes a game of ‘musical bowls’ if someone thinks the other dog’s bowl has a tastier treat! As the warmer weather arrived, it was time for Willy’s first bath followed by a lovely grooming session with Maylis.   

The big man will obviously be monitored for his health, as well as possibly removing his chaps, as he is entire. We welcome you home gentle giant, and we hope to dispel the less pleasant aspects of your past you have had to endure. We thank Les Amis for entrusting us with this special soul. We think we are going to have some fun stories ahead, so watch out for future updates!

Willy is our largest dog and his food costs around €4 a day. If you’d like to help Willy with a donation or regular sponsorship please click on the donate button in the header. Thank you for caring.