Come on Cappi ~ our new Team Twilight member

The latest recruit to Team Twilight drew such support from our wonderful supporters on social media that we were totally blown away. We always knew that our Twilight supporters were special, but this time they really pulled out all the stops, their wallets, and, in many cases, their hankies too! This is a very special case and we have to give a warning to those of a delicate disposition, who may find Cappi’s story and photos quite upsetting.

 Sometimes, regardless of our own aim (being full, or trying to have a gentler time), we have to say “yes” because that is why we are here. So, when Kate, a volunteer from Saintes SPA asked for help, we took a breath. She certainly needed it, but little did we know how much.

Cappi came into the refuge as a maltreatment case. Carried in, couldn’t stand, booked for euthanasia, just bones. But the fabulous staff saw the hope. Cappi stood after a few days, so he saw the vet and meds were offered: antibiotics, blood thinning to oxygenate, steroids and vitamins. Then, the volunteers were amazing. Kate came to us, and with the team rallied, here we are – he is here.

The harsh reality is that this lad is fragile. Apparently his owner said that to stop feeding him as he was old and ill was “normal”. Hmmmm, least said about that … ! But, dear Cappi is a fighter and boy did he start to fight back! We were very worried about his first few days and asked ourselves how long has he been so malnourished? are his organs already in failure? Chewing is difficult and his teeth a disaster, and boy did he pong, but we already loved him. Our initial thoughts were, even if he passed his first night, just to see that first loving cuddle with his new daddy, he knew he was home.

Well, that next day Cappi thought we might take a little stroll around the garden and he did so well. There’s a lovely video on our Facebook page. We’re not sure what he sees or hears yet, but he loves to feel you close. After some freshly cooked chicken and beef, hand-fed, he lay down and could only chew on his right side. He ate until he fell asleep exhausted….

We obviously took Cappi to the vet toute suite. Our vet never ceases to amaze, he hugged Cappi and said, “I have already met you little one, I saw you on FB last night”. Much to our delight, Cappi’s vet report was better than expected. We have had starved Puds before, of course, and dehydration is a serious issue but fortunately we had the appropriate drinks for him when he arrived, so he is doing as well as he can on fluid intake.

Henri the vet took bloods, and we waited. No temperature. Just so deeply tired. Heart – beating! But no obvious murmur. Incredible really. The bloodwork showed severe anaemia, but no diabetes and incredibly his liver and kidneys only on the borderline of starting to fail. This lad is a fighter. His white cell count was off the scale so he is fighting hard in that frail little body. His mouth is a war zone, but obviously he cannot take an anaesthetic. So he’s having the hardest hitting antibiotics needed. We wormed him too, but his fragile body would struggle with de-fleaing. He also has meds to help his blood flow and pain. The very best we can do for him now is keep him comfortable at every level.

As you can see in the photos, Cappi is starting to get around. He loves the garden, the warm sun on his back, even if he is wearing a coat. (He will wear coats appropriate to the temperature he is in). He loves his grub and is having food, three times a day, all high protein, so fresh chicken, salmon and sardines and oil too. We will ensure that he stays hydrated and has gentle exercise and plenty of sleeps, encouraged to rest with love.


Dearest Cappi, we are going to win this little life’s battle. We thank you so many for your incredible love and support for him.

If you have a few spare pennies and would like to help Cappi, please donate via our PayPal link in the header or to