Time for Melodie to run free over the Rainbow Bridge

This blind beauty arrived just short of six years ago in October 2016. She came from the same refuge as dear old Paddy, the Refuge Lannemezan – les potes a pouf. We were so pleased to help this super group of folks again. At the time she was eleven, blind and diabetic and needed special food for her diabetes and daily insulin. Melodie was so beautiful, she grew quickly in confidence as a Twilighter, mapping her world and enjoying all her new family canine and human friends.

Then, one open day, our very own volunteer Iris asked for a word at the close of the day. She would like to take Melodie as an outreach and, in fact, took blind little Leia too. My goodness what a wonderful outreach mum she was. She loved the girls to the very end when they sat with her when she died a sudden death.

The very same day the girls came home to Twilight. Melodie was clearly shocked and took awhile to regroup. In her years with Iris she had grown that much older, having had one of her damaged eyes removed. As a diabetic her health needed regular checks. She was starting to grow frail. It has been a joy to have had her home for her last year.

Mélodie, aged 16, passed in Leeanne’s arms, peacefully and very ready. Says Leeanne, “She kissed me just minutes before she passed. Run free precious girl, and we hope as you crossed the bridge, you fell into the arms of mummy Iris, both of you free of pain.”

Melodie ~ Our love is with you always.