Welcome our new year pudding – Madge

Imagine, 14 years old, leaving the streets of Romania, a life of avoiding the dog catchers – it doesn’t do to think too much methinks. Ordinarily we would be delighted to take two a year through Orfee, from these foreign parts but this year we just need a bit more time to get daddy strong. So, darling Madge was the chosen one and, bless the little darling, she is now tucked up in the Twilight washroom xxx

Thank you Orfee for entrusting us, thank you to the driver across the borders, and thank you dear Terry and co-pilot Brian, for travelling many hours today to collect her and bring her safely home. She is a little smelly, well, who wouldn’t be! And clearly unsure of everything going on but she has eaten sausage, so we know all will be very well!

Bear, Ellen and Dobbie have all said Hello. Molly is sitting with her now, and everyone pops in from time to time to check all is well. A quiet and calm night needed. Welcome darling girl, you are most deeply welcome xxx

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