A very big thank you to all the Twilight volunteers

A message from Leeanne


Twilight might just be little old Mike and I living at home with a jolly large bundle of puddings (all of us indoors we might add!), but with Mike incapacitated just now heaps of hands are physically helping out of which might thanks and more xxx

Gloria, Steve, Anne, Nick, Maylis, Jacquie, Wendy, Paul, Terry, Jeanette, Jean and Bill and that’s just in the last two weeks!

Thank you to all the happy volunteers at Twilight

Grooming, humping and dumping, dechetterie’ing (!), cleaning, food making, bric-a-brac collecting, de-pooing, bed making, settee and bedding collecting (of which special thanks to donations from Hope Shops 16 and 79:very jolly fabulous xx)

And never forgetting our behind the scenes duo: Liz and Linda. Your admins are very mighty xxx

Puds and us, thank you for all your efforts xxx Leeanne xxx

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