Twilight’s very own Rockstar

With his filmstar looks, it’s not surprising that within hours of arriving at Twilight Rock had won the hearts of many supporters. You may recall his story, rescued by the wonderful Linda Renton and her Romanian friends, this young street dog had been run over by a train. Yes … you read that right. I followed this story for a few days. His right leg and tail were taken by the train and he was left with a damaged back left leg, leaving him walking on his knee, and his front left now healed but awkward. You can read the full story of his three-day journey to Twilight, over on his page.

Despite all he had been through, and life on the streets, Rock quickly settled into pack life at Twilight. We decided, with our wonderful followers’ support, that this fabulous boy would of course have an investigation into how to help him, and make sure that all and anything possible would be done. This isn’t always easy, you have to pick out one pud and maybe take on a very big vet bill. Nevertheless, over on Facebook, Linda launched a fundraiser for Rock and Leeanne was able to go to the specialist with not pennies, but many euros in her pocket to say please do whatever you can for the investigation and treatment that is needed.

And so they set off … Rock quite likes going in the car, but he can smell the vets a mile off! Because we needed full scans we had to travel further afield to a larger surgery, but they work closely with our vets. So, Leeanne introduced him and the vets eyes just widened as he took it all in. Seems normal to us now, run over by a train, back tail and right leg fully amputated, front right paw half gone and clearly issues now. Back left leg seems set in 90 degree angle and has open wound where the main pressure point of standing is. Also possible nerve damage, and needed his spine checked. These scans are expensive, but, my goodness, they are so clever. The tail amputation looked clean and good. The back right leg amputation is also clean and good, but we have to be prepared for calcification. The front right paw was in a pickle. So, there and then, the surgeon removed a remaining nail and its root, as it was growing into the now deformed foot.

Interestingly, his spine is good. The complexity of why he holds himself oddly is the nerve damage on the upper left side and, love him, a broken rib. These two elements will have just come likely from the sheer speed and blast past of the train. And the back left, that has set at 90 degrees is really a mess inside. Tendons ripped and knee cap up by his hip bone, and most of the bones crushed and already calcified on the knee, which is the open wound area now, used as his foot plant. This isn’t easy to put a dressing on and he has reduced blood circulation and pain. We will do our best here. The future of this leg remaining will be a regular check-up.

As for the future? Well, Rock is a very happy chappy as he is. Yes, life-long pain killers, to be varied and administered as required. Once the front paw area heals and he’s had a little more time for the rib to be less painful, we will try him on wheels. But we will take our time. He is so young, and he has had so much trauma in his little life. He has the most delicious character. He has bonded with human and pud chums alike. In short, we love him, and feel blessed he is here.

So this is a huge, huge, huge thank you to all of you who made this possible for Rock to join us, and for him to have this investigation and treatment. All the other puds are equally important, but sometimes some are in more need than others for some help. They all receive equality of love, care and treatment. Thank you from Rock who is the most special gentle soul and is just having the best time of his life.