Twilight’s Toussaint Memorial 2020

Earlier this week we wrote about our annual Toussaint fundraiser. Today, 1 November, as friends and families come together, in many cases only virtually, to celebrate the ‘Day of the Dead’ we too remember our friends, both two-legged and four-legged, who are no longer with us. This year our amazing supporters have raised over €500 for this event and Linda’s wonderful display stretched over two tables! We also had the wonderful addition to our usual Toussaint candles of some special bespoke candle arrangements with anemones, hand-crafted by a special friend for Twilight and all bought by our pud sponsors.

If you’d like to see a video of the candles, please check out our Facebook page

Here are Leeanne’s special words for Toussaint 2020:

Toussaint is a very special time, and experiencing it first in Greece, and then France, we have always lit a candle for our passed Puds and loved ones. Then, our amazing FB volunteer and friend Linda took the evening love and light to a whole new spiritual level, with so many of you joining in to celebrate those you love.

Mike and I want to thank Linda for the tremendous effort, love and care she puts into this evening, and to thank all of you who support and join in. And this year, personally thanking Beth for her beautiful flowers so preciously handmade, how blessed are we.


Thank you all for caring