Time for some Twilight thanks

A few weeks of mighty volunteers at Twilight

We really would be lost without our wonderful team of Twilight volunteers. France might be firmly locked down now, with the UK following suit tomorrow, but in the past few weeks our friends have rallied round to get us in the best possible place to weather the storm. So, it’s time to give a shout out to everyone in Team Twilight!

Says Leeanne: “Thank you to some mighty angels of volunteer friends. To dear Anne for cleaning help, Paul on DIY, Franc on dechetterie run, Katarina, Jerome and Jean Louis on leak patrol and fixing, to dear Linda D for her amazing homemade food donations for the freezer, and for Terry collecting a very posh donation of a settee, himself donating his time and petrol costs. Never forgetting our Linda on FB fundraising and our Liz on the website and sales. Gosh – this was a quiet week!! Thankful in bucketloads to you all xxxxx”

Moving on a few weeks, the team is back in action, though in fact they never stop! So, it is thank you to Anne on cleaning support, Wendy on the pud control while Leeanne nips to the pharmacy and a few errands, Franc on those infamous rubbish sacs, Fran, Chris and Fran’s mam on pudding love duties and technical support, Paul on DIY gate troubles and dear Gill on bedding sorting, washing and poo picking! And our two social media stars, Linda and Liz xxx You have all been fabulous, thank you oddles xxx

And a postal thank you …

We love it when the postie comes … you just never know! Thank you to Susan Galeran for your most thoughtful parcel for Steffi. All your unused bandages and pads and wrap. We get through so much, this is a fantastic help, bless you for caring xxx

And our very dear friends at the Hope Association

Any animal rescue this year, like most aspects of life, has been flawed by the knock on effect of the Covid Virus. Fundraising with any form of public event has been all but zero. But the Hope Association shops have managed to keep going. The items to sell have kept being donated, and the mighty volunteers have worked hard to present, sell and put themselves in the possible path of the virus … for the sake of animals. It really is a case of where there is life there is Hope and where there is Hope there is life and certainly this is so for Twilight puds. Hope Association itself has just donated us funds that should go a long way this winter for vet bills. Amazing, the hugest thank you. And the shops each had funds from their memorial monies to divide as they wanted, and we thank shops 16 and 87 for their most generous donations. One of these donations we will put to one side to join another recent memorial here at Twilight, and will share a special pudding project for next year. In addition, it’s a mighty thank you to Hope shop 79 Maria and hubby for coming down all this way, with a van load of bedding, hospital mattresses and Dobbie nappies. Coo, just before lockdown, fantastical. Hopies, every pudding and Leeanne and Mike thank you all, so very deeply.