Twilight supports Guide Dogs for the Blind UK national tea day

This week we would like to highlight, not a Twilight fundraising event, but the great work of the Guide Dogs for the Blind in UK – an association close to many of our hearts. Today, Tuesday 21 April is their National Tea Day Appeal, so we can have a (virtual) cup of tea (or coffee) and if you wish you can help a worthy cause, click the link here.

Blindness is an issue with which we are quite familiar here at Twilight, as many of our Puds are blind or visually impaired. In this post we feature all the Puds at Twilight or in outreach living a wonderful life who have sight problems. Just as the wonderful guide dogs help their human in need, so our blind Puds, in reverse, need our help.

Braille & Bear

Braille is our youngest Twilighter who has no idea she cannot see. Braille was born without eyes. Leeanne says, “I find myself so often describing things to her, and I should deeply love to know what ‘sight’ is to her. She has a perfect ‘map’ of the house, and trusts mummy and daddy to help her with anything new. She runs like a three-year-old little girl in a princess dress around the garden, as if she lives only to float and fly to catch butterflies. But her confidence blunders with immediate and piercing tears if she senses she cannot get through a doorway because another dog is there. It isn’t often, but it is sheer panic. One word of encouragement and all is well. Equally, she can spend hours playing on her own in the garden, but might come back to the back door and just call, she just wants to hear we are all still there, and that all is well. You couldn’t love a dog more than Braille. She makes me more aware than any other that I need to put my iPad to one side to give her my full attention in a cuddle. We talk, we hold, we feel. She ‘sees’ more of a person and their soul, than any other I have known.”

Dear Bear was Leeanne’s 50th birthday pressie. She asked for the first rescue puppy to come into Sue at Poorpaws (the first amazing rescue we ever worked with). Danielle had had a duo of fluff lumps dumped in the dustbin, so we said, choose us one and we collected him. He was likely of German shepherd mix. Goodness, he grew quickly. But the poor lamb had an unknown virus when he was very small and he amazingly survived this, but lost the sight in his left eye. You wouldn’t know looking at him, but he has insecurities and obviously coming at him from the left side can catch him unawares. So we are sure any hand signs to him are on his right side. He is now huge, Canine Daddy Twilight and the biggest baby we have who needs a doo doo in his mouth all the time. We love him so.

The tinies: Cannelle, Cali & Nouni

Dear Cannelle is a pickle. She has ‘light’ sense, but has lost the ability to measure in front of her. So whilst she has mapped the house and gardens, can be seen trotting along at a happy pace, and has her own ‘sight’ of her way of living she is absolutely thrown every time by a 5cm gap between the grass and the veranda. This means in times of confidence crisis she will call for help over this huge bridge that takes her whole effort to jump. Dementia is a greater problem for this elderly lady, but we love her so. We don’t know how Cali, a dear little old chap, lost his sight, as he was an urgent rescue from euthanasia via the vet. But he is diabetic, also suffers with his heart and dementia. He is a very highly strung man and needs regular reassurance. He suffers with despairing separation anxiety and is in need of constant human contact. This can be taxing, but he is safe here. We ensure a regular regime and he sleeps with daddy so all is well! We must get his breath sorted soon or Mike will die of halitosis overload!

Well, it would be rude to call little Nouni a lump of lard but he is. He makes us smile. He loves to sleep. But he is also very aware to be clean, so will move from his bed to complete his toileting and loves to sunbathe. Not infrequently we will go to check on him in his bed but he has nipped out for a little air and warmth. He has his own little routine and is a joy to watch with a dentastick. His world is very small, but he seems very happy.

Happy Holly

Dear Holly is just a life size teddy bear. She has learnt to map her way around Twilight very quickly. Unfortunately her hearing and sense of smell are both very poor, so she can go lumbering into another sleeping dog. Fortunately, for Twilight life, this is common, so not a problem. She is fairly reserved, but quietly loves her food and human cuddles. And there are always lots of beds and other Puds to share with, so she is one happy Pud.

Our outreach Puds

Melodie and Leia live with Mummy Iris in Outreach and have a great life. Melodie is 16 years old now and has had cataract problems from her initial arrival at Twilight and recently had a procedure to take away pain. Both girls are two jewels in the crown and are so loved. Iris says Melodie has similar sight problem to Cannelle. Grillage, a type of fencing here in France, is a particular hazard. But, she is very independent and super intelligent.

Our last but not least special ones in outreach are Pearl and Nina. Pearl is quietly determined. She has a night bed and one for day and no others will do. She never makes a sound but seems to love to be picked up and she rests her head on your shoulder and we all dance around the room. She eats and pees for France. Nina is our wee Miracle. She loves her food, snuggles on the bed and sofa. Best of all she loves a game of rubbing her face as she switches from side to side and wee walks with the pack and when she tires she squeaks to be carried inside your fleece. What a poppet xxx