The Twilight A to Z – the A Team

Having welcomed over three hundred dogs to the Twilight fold over the years we’ve come across a whole range of doggy (and dodgy) names. Some letters of the alphabet seem to be a little more popular, but we reckon we can fill every category from A through to Z. In this series of occasional alphabetical blog posts we’ll remember some of the Twilight Puddings of yesteryear and current candidates, and recount their stories, special characters, quirks and foibles.



Top of the list this week in the A team is darling little Appy. She’s such a sweet little character, we like to think of her as a Happy Appy. Joining Team Twilight in 2019 with her mum Cannelle, little Appy thinks of herself as the starlet of Twilight, and vies for position as the apple of Daddy’s eye. Due to the family circumstances Appy and her mum, Cannelle, arrived with nothing, sad refugees of divorce and no money. Appy, is around ten years old, a long haired chihuahua cross. She needed a serious haircut, plus some tlc from the vets with a tooth clean, two extractions and a mucky ear to sort out. Like all the puds, she soon bounced back and over Christmas was busy modelling a variety of jumpers on our Facebook pages.


Back in September 2018 we said goodbye to dear old Albert. Darling Albert spent three years as part of the Twilight furniture, a handsome one-eyed boy. A special Saints refuge oldie. Chunky and loving. Poor lad had the most horrendous chronic ear trouble. He had four anaesthetics to clear them, and despite his weaker heart, he rallied every time. He began to show signs of decline, and the scan showed a grim mass, around his liver and spleen, too. We all agreed, it was his time to run free and happy over the rainbow bridge

Akzo & Alfie

Almost two years earlier we’d had to say goodnight to dear Azko. He arrived from the Cahors refuge, just over 11 years old, with jolly wonky hips, trouble in his bottom department and not castrated! He had clearly been much loved, and sadly his owner passed, and he needed a retirement bed himself. After a tricky start, a little grumpiness due to his pain, he soon settled well and enjoyed his last remaining months at Twilight. Another Pud from Cahors was Alfie. The Cahors refuge is a wonderful place and we were delighted to help them out from time to time. Medor became Alfie, a 10 year old plus setter cross who arrived safely at Twilight with the wonderful driving team Terry and Deb. This guy was not found in good shape, but the team at Cahors did a super job.  He just needed time to settle, feel secure and enjoy some adorable cuddles until it was his time.

Aunty Alice

Alice was apparently the grandma to our handsome Caesar and Chloë. All three of them had the very worst life, and had been taken into the care of Saints SPA. They were all so ill-treated that they could not stand for fear of having been kept in that position for so long; it was a most damaged situation. We took all three. Darling Alice never was one to be at the forefront. She asked for nothing, she was the beautiful silent type. She passed peacefully in Mummy’s arms, with kisses from her little ones.

Arnie & Athys

Dear Arnie joined Twilight having lost his mum to cancer and he was clearly pining for her. He was a brave fella though, having lost his front leg to cancer several years earlier. After a few settled months at Twilight secondary cancer took hold in his spine and it was time to say goodnight and let him join his mum of eleven years. Dear Athys, this handsome old chap joined the Twilight Team in June 2014 at nearly 10 years old. He’d had a grim life, unloved by a farmer, left in a dark barn, from where he ran off several times and eventually was found in a critical condition. This goldie found his paws again, and we just adored him. He loved paddling in the pool in summer. Sadly, after just over two happy years at Twilight he went over the bridge in September 2016.

And not forgetting Arthur …


And to complete the blog roll of the Twilight A team, we mustn’t forget dear Arthur, Arty, now living his best life with dear Jill in Twilight outreach. The photo here, with the mischievous twinkle in his eyes, was taken when he was still at Twilight.