B is for border patrol

Next up in our alphabetical tour of Twilight is the letter B. We couldn’t help noticing that not only have we had lots of dogs whose names begin with B, but a few of those were border collies, too. So, this post is all about the lovely border collies who have passed through Twilight’s doors. Our wonderful Facebook manager, Linda, is a great border collie fan with three of her own. She works tirelessly for Twilight, managing our Facebook page and groups, and fundraising for the Puds, and she also supports many other animal charities, including Borderline Collie from whom we have taken several Puds over the years. Linda, this blog post is dedicated to you, with love and thanks from all of us at Twilight.

The B gang: Bach, Battan & Ben

Our first group of borders all have names beginning with B. Sadly, they have all passed over the rainbow bridge now, but are remembered with great love. Dear Bach was saved by the lovely volunteer Sally at her SPA, where time was ticking for this sad maltreatment case. We wish we had met him sooner, but we had some loving fun with him at Twilight, waddling around the garden. Battan was found for dead by a wonderful couple in the snowy hills of Eastern France. They sledged him home and warmed him up and saved his life without any doubt. Borderline Collie took up his plight and their search for a home meant that he found us at Twilight. Battan was very old and weak, blind, and with a large external tumour. He enjoyed several months of love and care at Twilight before he left us in August 2016. All our puds are precious, but dear Ben was especially so. Another Pud who joined us via Borderline Collie. He arrived, a bit wobbly from a recent stroke, but he was determined. He rallied, he smiled, he walked, he loved. He taught us a lot about compassion, resolve and enjoying what you have.

Remembering borders passed: Ollie, Utah, Vivaldi, Tosca, Paddy, Cartouche & Socks

Another arrival via Borderline Collie was Socks. At fourteen he’d had a bit of a turbulent past and not been overly well cared for. Left for days on his own, and with a grim mouth, he was lucky that Borderline Collie were able to take him into foster and look after his urgent toothy needs. Cartouche was another Borderline Collie rescue, sadly only with us for a few weeks before her fits became too severe. Dear Sox, he enjoyed his last few months in peace at Twilight. Another dear pud we remember was Utah. She was likely twelve or thirteen years old when she arrived, maybe more given her arthritis and teeth. A border collie who had been much loved, but was clearly both grieving and stressed. Utah had some settled and happy time with us until she passed over the bridge in April 2018. Finally, let’s not forget dear old Ollie the Collie, pictured above with Linda, Paddy and dear Tosca, a collie cross, who was orphaned when fellow rescuer, Dany, died. The Phoenix Association stepped in to help and Tosca joined us here at Twilight for his remaining time.  Wow! what a lot of collies!

Borders at Twilight and in outreach

So, over the years we have had quite a few borders and collie crosses here at Twilight. Currently we have two living at home: Versailles and Madge, plus dear Fern and Melodie, both in outreach. If you would like to help us care for them, please consider monthly sponsorship of any amount or a single donation would be gratefully received. Just click the ‘donate’ button in the header or send us a donation via PayPal to twilightchiens@gmail.com

Thankyou for caring