Twilight expands with the completion of some building projects

Over the years, since Twilight moved to La Peyzie in 2009 we’ve been continually improving the facilities for the comfort and care of the Puddings. Remember the photo of Taffy supervising the first stages of building work back in the beginning? Since then the verandah was built in 2011, and since then has been extended and enclosed with the addition of a fantastic raised terrace which is a favourite sunbathing spot for the dogs. It also provides a great field shelter for the alpacas and goats.

Our biggest building project was preceded by a massive fundraising effort to construct Maddie’s washroom. This was Twilight’s largest improvement project; the original quote for the work was €7,500. A huge sum that needed to be realised on top of our annual running costs. Many inventive projects got underway to raise the funds. With the fundraising total in sight, construction work began in the summer of 2013. Whilst Twilight funds paid for many of the materials and the specialist bathing equipment, the project would not have succeeded without the generosity of the artisans who donated their time and labour. The washroom was finally declared complete on 4 March 2014. The washroom is now such as indispensable part of the Twilight operation that it’s difficult to imagine how they ever managed without it. It has been in use all day (and night), every day since construction finished.

Since then, we’ve continued to maintain the house which is home to both Leeanne and Mike and to the Puddings. We replaced doors gnawed away by naughty puds, installed a lovely pellet stove to keep the dogs snug and warm in winter and upgraded the air conditioning to cope with increasing summer temperatures.

Paul busy finishing off the flooring ready for tiling

This year we’ve upgraded the terrace area, as we posted a few weeks ago with some work-in-progress pics. Now this area in complete, save for the flooring around the back door. This area was our very first project. We did it in a bit of a rush, making a back door from a window out the back, knocking down a wall and flattening as best we could. But it has always been a bit of a difficult area. The hardy gravel was not good on the dogs’ paws, then the thick cement tiles have been years of sticky poo’s and not the best odour. So, Paul has levelled it off with a cement finish. And thanks to our Facebook supporters, who joined in so quickly with our amazing Linda’s fundraising, we can go and get the tiles and have them professionally laid. Those who have cleaned in this area will know – this is one might step forward for paws kind!

Our next major construction project started two years ago. The broken conservatory out the front seems many moons ago. It has been a long job getting it together. Eighteen months to two years ago we thanked the delivery drivers, the diggers and Spencer for the wall. Then, the lovely Ron put the conservatory together and Spencer did the plasterboard walls. Unfortunately, he then had to do the walls again as we had damp, so we added a French drain. Been a bit of a do! But we knew it would be worth it in the end. It is a mix of a project, for dogs and for us, but it has already shown its weight in gold. The finale was the floor. Last year, our super fundraiser Debbie of Puivert, did a dual fundraiser; yes, for Twilight, but in memory of her special friend ‘Fletch’. She asked that we spend the funds on something with his memory. He was a super chap, and we were lucky enough that he and his wife Linda visited us here once, and he loved the puds. So, in agreement with Deb, we agreed on the flooring in the conservatory. All now polished and swept. So, at last we are finished. Fletch, we bless your memory, hearing the laughter that we know will now echo on in this room. Thank you and bless.