Braille – our blind princess

If you met beautiful Braille you would never know this little poppet cannot see as she has made all the Twilight land and home her own. She can run and play and do all the things that the other dogs do with scent and knowledge gained over time. She has playmates galore in Uncles Bear and Dobbie and  a puppy-partner-in-crime with Elen.

Braille arrived at Twilight almost two years ago, on 17 August 2017. This ‘baby’ pudding is blind. The breeder took her to the vets when she didn’t open her eyes, and when told that she had been born blind they left her to be euthanised. Fortunately, the vet knew better and could see no reason why Braille could not live a happy and fulfilling life. With liaison between a wonderful supporter and the Hope Association, the little one was soon on her way to a new start.

Remember, Twilight takes the oldies, the terminally sick and the disabled. So, when asked to take Greta as she was called then, we felt it had to be a ‘yes’. At FIVE weeks old, this little pudding of an English setter joined the Twilight land. We felt the name Braille was a little more appropriate and so Braille she became.

Baby Braille

On tour with Uncle Dobbie

Right from the start Braille captured the hearts of all the Twilight supporters. In September she went on the road with Uncle Dobbie and made an appearance at the autumn Big Vide at La Charrue. And she continued to grow and grow and grow …

Our beautiful princess has had her share of ups and downs. In January 2018, she was quite sick. The early morning diagnosis of suffering with her teeth couldn’t have been more way off. After eating a poisoned mouse or something similar, poor Braille found herself in the sick bay, at home, being hydrated and medicated. It was almost certain she was suffering the effects of toxic poisoning, with severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Mummy Twilight, of course, slept beside her all weekend. Happily, the young are resilient and Braille pulled through. She was soon back to her normal self, running around the garden and playing with the other handicapable youngsters.

Beautiful Braille

Braille will always be a special girl and now, at two years old, she is quite the little princess. A real Daddy’s girl who loves nothing more than snuggling with her chums or galloping around the safely fenced garden.