Teddy – the very heart of Twilight

Dear precious Teddy, not only the heart of Twilight but in the hearts of so many Twilight supporters. Shy, fearful , but so loving once he got to know you, Teddy was a firm favourite with all who met him. But, more than anything, he was the apple of his dad’s eye. Often to be found on Mike’s lap, or curled up beside him, Teddy kept Mike company during illness, and even visited his dad in hospital. It was a very sad day for us all when Teddy’s time came to pass over the rainbow bridge.

Everyone who met Teddy fell in love with this very special boy. Debbie, a Twilight supporter from the Languedoc, described her love for Teddy in the Twilight biography, Paws Before Bedtime.

“Teddy was so terrified the first time we saw him, he wouldn’t come anywhere near us. Gradually over my visits he thawed a little, although he wouldn’t allow me to touch him. Then, finally, one evening I felt a small nudge at my hand. Teddy was touching me! Leeanne picked him up and put him in my lap where he sat rigidly, too frightened to jump down again. Eventually he relaxed and leaned into me. It was a priceless moment. During my last couple of visits he’s been coming to me more and more, and last time I didn’t seem to be able to move without him putting his paws up on me for a cuddle! As soon as I sit down now he is there wanting to be loved, he is very special.”

This was Leeanne’s heartfelt goodbye to a treasured Twilight Pudding.

“Seven and three-quarter years ago we met you little man, and your brother. Both of you, had already spent five years at the SPA Sainte. You had been rescued from severe maltreatment. So severe you were handed to me with heavy duty work gloves – you were a mess. I held you in my arms for the three-hour journey home, it was this way we bonded. You finally melted and let go. Teddy, dearest Teddy, we had brought you home.

It took many weeks for you to trust that man, daddy they called him. Men were not top of your love list. But goodness me, when you did, you two were inseparable. What a love you shared. What a depth you both felt. A bond beyond.

Teddy, at just short of 18 years, your body and mind could take no more. Your mind returned to the fear, the gremlins the black demons. Your body was weak, and your kidneys failed. But you, our dearest grey fluff bundle were neither weak nor a failure. You have been the very heart beat of Twilight.

I have never had human children, but this week I lost a son to the rainbow bridge. May your mind be free of fear, perhaps for the very first time. Take that love filled heart and run free now little man. Forever in our hearts, forever the reason Twilight must continue for souls that are abandoned and damaged beyond anything a sentient being should have to experience. Mummy and daddy will always love you Teddy. Thank you for you, dear Teddy xxx”

In the words of one Twilight supporter, Don , on seeing a photo of Mike and Teddy enjoying a precious cuddle:

“I can’t imagine too many places on this side of Eternity where two such different creatures in God’s creation intersect and connect on more than simply an emotional level as this. There is a decidedly spiritual connection – one which may belie the Creator’s plan for including a point of connection between the heart of a dog and the heart of a human. Thank you for all that you do for them.”