Easter greetings from Twilight

Whether you hold traditional Easter values dear to you or not, you cannot dispute this incredible time of year in our history. The whole world has been drawn to order, not by human destructive weapons, nor by dictators who feel they know best. Not even by floods or fires. But by the very smallest of microbes that we can’t even see. Something that is bringing us together whether we like it or not. Each and every one of us is accountable for the longevity of the chance for mankind to live on. We are being given time to be still, to reflect, to find out the deeper levels of who we are, our values in the simplest sense.

Perhaps our own last 20 months of near death and human fragility experience can allow me to feel I can say the virus doesn’t frighten us. We have the highest respect for it, and know if it comes our way our bodies are likely not to be the strongest to fight, but as we have seen who knows. But, is this experience any different to that of what history would have us believe, whatever our faith. That ultimately we are strongest when we know ourselves better, that helping is just that of our neighbour and our very immediate loved ones. That our values come right back to basics, that our hope is for mankind to be at peace, and that the only way we will come through this is to have faith in doing the right thing.

It is a mighty time, a chance for new beginnings, for man to set right his wrongs and just be a better human. As Mike and I light our Easter candle of love to you all, that is what we hope for. Nature is being left to just be and isn’t it beautiful. Our own privilege to share our home with so many canines, we can only aspire to their level of forgiveness of what man had become. Stay safe, stay home from the virus, but also let your feelings of hope, faith and new life ahead be your reason to grow stronger.

Easter blessings, with our love, Leeanne, Mike and all the puddings xxx