Saying goodnight to dear happy Holly

It was only a few weeks ago that we ran a “Happy Holly Day” on the Twilight social media pages. At 18 Holly was one of our oldest Puds, and also a shy little lady. She first arrived at Twilight in October 2019, having previously been rescued. Sadly, a family situation meant that Holly could not stay with her rescue family and so she found her way to Twilight. After a few days she found another new home with one of our outreach mums, and spent many happy months there. However, as her condition deteriorated it was time for Holly to return to the fold at Twilight.

As befitted a lady of her age Holly was very much an oldie of routine. She loved a morning wander around the garden, and although blind she had very good mapping of the house. She was not impressed if a stubborn pud is in her way. Although Holly’s mind was starting to wander, so her afternoon wanders could be a little wobbly, but she did call for help. Recently, she’d decided that a late evening snack of cheese or sausage was her right! 

At eighteen, Holly loved her jackets, and a nice warm snug bed. Her favourite sleeping place was in a bed behind daddy’s chair and she loved human cuddles, so daddy took on this role every evening. Holy even had her bed behind daddy’s chair to ensure she was in the right spot! Dear little teddy bear Holly, blind, deaf and very little sense of smell. She was a poppit. Sadly, she passed of kidney failure last weekend, held in Mummy Twilight’s arms as she crossed the bridge peacefully xxx

We will miss you little one. Run free xxxx