Jumpers, jackets and ‘jamas

In our alphabetical tour of Twilight we’ve reached the letter J. If you follow Twilight on social media you’ll no doubt have spotted the Puds wearing some fabulous doggie clothing apparel, so what better words to associate with Twilight than jumpers, jackets and ‘jamas! We are so lucky to now have a variety here at Twilight, in fact, this last month we’ve received two wonderful donations of dog coats and jumpers, and news that one of supporters is busy knitting some winter woollies for the Puds.

Rather than being a fashion statement, the Puds’ clothing is often an essential part of their care, keeping their old bones warm and snug, and allowing them to venture outside when the temperatures fall. However, jackets and jumpers are very sensitive items to be worn by dogs. Just like us, if the clothes aren’t right, it can affect the pud! Yes, really.

Some prefer the knitted or fleecy kind, with only lightweight macs if it’s raining. Nouni likes both, and wearing two jackets keeps his bare back skin all snug. Mélodie and Leo both need a double thickness, too. They are thin and frail, and so wearing a jacket, jumper or both clearly helps keep them at a basic temperature and snug. Leo loves his longer ones that cover his bum, otherwise he calls for an extra blanket.

Princess Appy has to have a girlie one, or she sulks! Roo and Cannelle don’t really care, and if you didn’t change them, they would wear their jackets until they walked off themselves! Caesar likes to have that extra layer just through the night and early morning, but he isn’t a day jacket lad. Bert is too manly for one! And Opal likes a tighter fitting coat, whilst if needed for Ben he prefer the bigger baggy range. Who would have thought that dog coats could be so fussy. But it is lovely to see when they are all in their own favourite jacket or jumper and clearly happy.

Not every Pud sports a dog coat. The younger, but disabled Puds manage quite well in their own furry coats. Bear with his thick coat keeps himself warm, and all that running around with a pillow in his mouth burns up some warming energy too. Similarly, Braille rarely wears clothes, except for when she was feeling poorly. However, little Dobbie now wears special suspenders to keep his pants up, and dear little Gremlin has a range of trendy drag bags, including his night time jimmy jams.

Gremlin in his ‘jamas and Dobbie’s suspenders

We always welcome donations of doggy jackets and jumpers – new or used in good condition. We collect coats in a range of sizes, and at the moment any large or extra large would be top of our list.