The Special Ks – Kizzy, Kaiser and Koki

In our alphabetical tour of Twilight we’ve reached the letter K. Hmm, what can we write about? Not kennels that’s for sure, because there are no kennels here at Twilight. All the Puds live as family in the house, with access to a huge garden, outdoor terraces and covered areas for sunbathing and just chilling. How about dogs’ names then? The Twilight Puds can match their names to every letter of the alphabet, so although K might be one of the less common ones, we’re looking back to the early days and our memories of two quite different puds from 2013, both now over the Rainbow Bridge.


But first, no story about Twilight is complete without mention of the dogs that originally inspired Leeanne and Mike to start rescuing older dogs, and eventually form the association that is Twilight as we know it today. Way back in the early 2000s, Mike and Leeanne arrived in France with their three golden retrievers, sisters Abby and Kizzy, and Abby’s daughter, Teg. Sadly, Abby died of stomach cancer not long after the move. Teg and her Aunt Kizzy seemed to be quite happy together, and all was well until the sad day that Kizzy passed over the Rainbow Bridge, leaving Teg alone and unhappy. Within days Teg became depressed, her grief was tangible, and it was clear that she needed a new canine friend. So began the search for a new friend, an older dog, the discovery that life for an old, abandoned dog in the many local refuges was not good and the founding of Twilight the retirement home for dogs. We’ll reveal more of the story of Twilight in future posts.


Kaiser was a wonderful German shepherd whose arrival in 2013 stole many hearts. At Twilight, this incredible old man found his spirit again. He loved his new chums, the freedom, his full tummy, and best of all, he and Mike bonded so very specially, it made your heart burst to see them together. From the garden to the settee. Sadly, he had a nasty bowel problem and despite all the meds and treatment available, eventually we lost the battle. Twilight days are precious, and none were more so than the time this very special fella had with us. Darling Kaiser, you may not have been with us long gorgeous boy, but you touched all our hearts, and it was a sheer pleasure to get to know you.


In the same year, February 2013, the pudding pack was joined by little Koki. He came via Levriers & Co, another rescue association, and had been very well looked after by their team since his rescue.  He arrived fully vet checked, with all his meds, although he had to have all his locks cut off as he was riddled with ticks. Our dear friends at the Hope Association supported his vet bills, and with their generosity we were able to secure his necessary expensive blood tests and meds for a good while.

Darling Koki was stoic from day one with us, but ear trouble and his heart both troubled him greatly, so having been on almost every pill possible to try to ease his pain and keep him being his handsome self for as long as possible, we all had to admit defeat, and say sweet dreams little man. Our special little Koki had a wonderful 18 months with the old Twilighters until it was time for him to pass over the rainbow bridge to join his big chum Kaiser.