Oh dear Fifi, 21 years old. She came to us years ago as a pensioner from Bergerac SPA, thinking it would be for a short end of life visit.

Well, what a poppit. Very much her own girl, not especially demanding. She had a grim fibrosis I remember, and needed a full hysterectomy. Survived that, a great credit to our vets. A few years ago she started with kidney and heart trouble and something not too pleasant was growing on her spleen … but she seemed ok.

I guess the last six months we have moved into her last stage routine. Sleeping more, drinking, weeing, losing her sight. We had a scan and could see the spleen intruder was growing. But she was happy to continue. She would tell us her needs, became a routine. More so in this last month as her back end gave up on her, unable to lift herself. She would call (any hour), of course sleeping on mummy’s bed.

She would be satisfied after a drink, a wee, a sausage …. Back to bed. Repeat!

Then, the tone in her call changed, the vet inspection showed massive kidney and spleen troubles. I held her tight and said good bye and thank you. 21, what a life …. But I broke. Absolutely sobbed. There is no accounting for when they get you. Perhaps the intensity of the last months care. But my goodness how I loved her. As indeed did daddy, Anne and the regular volunteers.

Darling Fifi, bye bye for now. I can imagine the freedom of your aching body will turn you into a puppy as you cross that bridge. Bless you dear friend and thank you.❤