Petra (Pepette) & Pearl

These two older ladies met in Bergerac SPA, and their plight was taken on by the wonderful Phoenix. But, as all our canine rescue friends will know, homing two puds together doesn’t come easy. Mike and I felt they could be our Christmas pressie to each other, so we were delighted to welcome 11-year-old Petra and 13-year-old Pearl. Both with no history, but both very gentle and delicate souls.

These two dear little ones went straight to our good friend and outreach mum, Anne. They have been real poppits. Pearle has needed a lot of one-to-one attention, but she has coped and they have had the best end of life care and love. Sadly, Petra began to show signs of tummy distended. We had her scanned, and as we watched, organ after organ was struggling in one form or another. Anne took her home for 24 hours of love and ham, then we had to let her go.

Then, a few weeks later dear Pearl collapsed for the last time. Having relied so much on her front legs, they decided to give their last. Vet tests showed no infection and she slipped into a coma … we let her go. We thank Phoenix for entrusting the two poppits to our care, they will be missed. We deeply thank outreach mum Anne, who gave them every attention and all they needed.

Happy together exploring the garden