Petra & Pearl

These two older ladies only met a month or so ago, but have become inseparable. They met in Bergerac SPA, and their plight was taken on by the wonderful Phoenix. But, as all our canine rescue friends will know, homing two puds together doesn’t come easy. Mike and I felt they could be our Christmas pressie to each other, so we were delighted to welcome 11-year-old Petra and 13-year-old Pearl. Both with no history, but both very gentle and delicate souls.

Happy together exploring the garden

After a settling in period we let the vet see them. Pearl has clear neurological issues, walking with her rear legs is difficult, and she is blind in one eye. She is so far the more curious of the two, wandering the garden with her new chums and enjoying human cuddles. Petra, if measured by her tail wags, is hyper active! But she is quiet and very timid in her time so far. Both eat well and stay close to each other. You are very welcome ladies, you are home now xxx