Nouni … our dear Nouni two-beds!

Our dear old Nouni was in a bit of a state when he landed all those years ago. Already old, blind, deaf, thyroid and skin trouble and not many teeth! Bowed legged and a story we couldn’t share.

But Nouni knew his own mind. Found his spot he loved, enjoying swapping over in his two beds. Soon he had two bowls of water and, ironically, on his last day he ate two breakfasts!

He was a special little man. He was especially loved by volunteers Maylis and Anne. Until his last days he was always clean and loved his own little routine. Yesterday, in keeping with his strength of character he took off down the garden, but this time he did not to return.

How old were you little fella? Certainly at least 18 years … maybe more. May you have all your senses in your new world, may you see the love that we hope you always felt. Run free, be you. How we loved your energy and your strength xxx