A border collie, Fern had previously been neglected and came into Twilight care in 2019 at the age of twelve, suffering with a heart murmur and other age-related problems. After a wonderful life in outreach with our supporter Annette and two other pudding pals, Fern went over the rainbow bridge in February 2021.  Annette wrote a beautiful obituary in her memory:

“It is with sad hearts we have to share that Fern passed over the rainbow bridge this morning. After slow but steady progress towards recovery, she suffered another stroke on Thursday and ended not being able to stand at all. The vet gave her an injection with the hope that with some rest and quiet she might start to recover, as she still was alert, raising her head and wagging her tail, but had no strength or coordination. However, the vet also said that if Fern didn’t respond, by Monday they would advise not to continue any treatment.

It became clear though over the last 24 hours she was declining and starting to stress and Michael and I made the decision this morning that we couldn’t watch her suffer or struggle and so we took her and held and stroked her, while the vet eased her suffering. We have laid her to rest in our grounds, actually, in our sundowner spot, where spring through to the end of autumn, weather permitting, we always end our days sitting on the benches there, watching the sun go down over the valley, and the dogs are always with us. For the last two years, Fern has shared that time with us. We have also planted a tree next to her and will put a small plaque to her.

Thank you for having entrusted her to us, she has been an absolute joy, and we are quite heartbroken to lose her, but we also know that she had a lovely and happy life here with us.”