Mummy’s girl – Elen means ‘light’ in Welsh. She was one of four dumped, and thankfully taken by SPA Mornac. A bit like a renewal of your marriage vows, or the sharing of a special memory, Elen was a special gift for Mike and Leeanne. Twilight started ten years ago with Golden Retriever Teg’s needs and, ten years on, by chance, we were drawn to this little bundle and we thought it just felt right. She will not draw off Twilight funds, of course, and she will not take a formal place but what she will do, and is already doing, is enhance the loving ways of the household, and adopt the oldies as Mum! Yes, very much GR in those little fluff bones but also, according to our vet, Border Collie (nose and white feet) and she has double dew claws! So maybe a bit of Beauceron?? Within a few weeks she was one of the team. Welcome, an important “light” in our life xxxx