Edgar, a lemon setter, was six years old when he arrived at Twilight. His last known two years had been spent in a small grim caged environment with his own faeces. He stood for these two years calling for help. He was rescued in the last by the wonderful Les Amis Des Animaux, who found him a foster family to love him and work on his terrible separation anxiety. Then, tragedy struck and the vertebrae in his neck gave way. He had urgent surgery and spinal reconstruction, but something went wrong and he did not walk again after the operation. Also, his separation anxiety was 24/7, needing head contact with hands and eyes. He needed a home for recovery and rehabilitation, so Twilight offered to help. His needs were great: antibiotics, steroids, pain relief and anti-anxiety meds. He cried instantly on being left, needed washing, physio and toilet support.

Sadly, we had to let dear Edgar go. The vertebrae contusion in his neck was so delicate, that despite the efforts of surgery to ease the trapped and damaged nerve and bone that had given way, the nerve damage post op had affected his right side, and the pain when it came in waves, was impossible to console, even with morphine. No hope of any kind was diagnosed. In his short time with Twilight he saw three specialists, all concluded the same.

Edgar was only at Twilight for seven short days, but in that time he had the very best of care. His tummy had the very best sausages, and his every need was met. But when such pain fills your canine friend, however brave they have been for you that last kindness is one you will feel. All of us involved with Edgar made a very special friend. What a sad and grim life card he had been dealt. Be blessed over the rainbow bridge. Be free. Always with our love xxxx