Dearest Charleston, Our loving bag of bones that had been dumped, he was so sad. Thanks to Phoenix Sally, this old and poorly boy came here for some love and to feel, I hope, a little better in himself. He put on some weight, his digestive system so shot from just being left to fend for himself, such a sorry fella. We have shared a good few months together dear Charleston, named by Rick for being all wobbly on those paws. We achieved what we hope Twilight is all about. To feel loved, to feel better, to be happy in your last days. Charleston my lovely boy, you were these last few days, tiring. You had become empty, it was your time to be released to the bridge, to be free of both mind and body suffering. Thank you for sharing some time with us all here. Run free now my friend, lift that head with pride, know you were loved xxx RIP Charleston 18.4.2018