In his short life dear Bobby suffered at the hands of mankind. He was one very special young man. His injuries were as sad as you would expect, hence becoming a Twilighter. Both rear legs had been broken, the right leg was permanently displaced from the hip and gave pain. His bowel and anal track were damaged. He was incontinent from his bowel. But, and here’s the thing, he was so happy. At the age of five, he was able to enjoy a new happier Twilight life, full of love.

But, it became clear that Bob was suffering more day by day, emotionally up and down and physically. The vets (five of them) could not ease his suffering. For me, the final straw was as he played and his hip displaced (and the cry made him and I sick) he deserved a chance but sometimes with all the money in the world you cannot make things right. He had love here, he had care, he needed more than was possible xxx Our two vets sat with me for 25 minutes, I sobbed as I spoke and they let me weigh it all up. Wise eyes and a laying of a hand on mine and said … five vets and your love but sadly this is the best (and since the falls, the only) decision for him. Bob will come home and take his place in his home of a lifelong Twilighter. I am sorry Bob. You will always be with me. I so pray you have peace and no pain now. Leeanne xxx