Mozart’s Last Waltz

Mozart arrived at Twilight in the summer of  2014, rescued by Blind Dog UK. Estimated at 12 years old, Romanian, only one eye, and a life that only knew the streets. Certainly collie in him, face and legs but not sure what the body represents! Well done Blind Dog rescue UK rehoming for raising awareness and for all your care and support to get him to Calais. Mozart was Twilight’s third Eastern European doggie, and by jove they have something special. The love is instant, but it is more, you need to feel it.

Mozart not long after he arrived at Twilight

Mozart left Romania and travelled via Germany and Holland to drop off fellow puddings, and then met our amazing Terry, Deb and The Colonel in Calais at 3am one Friday morning. A restless trip back home, so no sleep for Terry or Deb (note the Colonel was not affected!). Arriving at Twilight seriously hungry, bar some yummy treats from auntie Deb that kept him going. Mozart arrived home. His first few days quiet, yummy munches and a great big run with mum while she cut the grass. Meeting a few new friends. Cuddles … mighty. The look in that eye was priceless. We loved him, hook line and paws!

After a couple of very happy years at Twilight Mozart went off to  long term outreach and was then joined by his great chum Memere, and following her passing by Dankeur. Late in 2019, as we wrote a few weeks ago, sadly the wonderful outreach dad of Mozart and Dankeur had to go into hospital and the two puds returned home to Twilight.

Dear Mozart crossed the bridge in March 2019, but at seventeen or eighteen years old, the boy done good. From the war zone streets to his comfy settee life here at Twilight, via a few years with the wonderful Philip. It has been a joy to have him. Sadly kidney and liver failure took their turn, and his body finally gave up the fight. Thank you for your most treasured love and character Mozart, rest now amongst your family of puds xxxx

Two special photos in his memory…one from not long after he arrived and one a few weeks ago