Love from Twilightland in the time of lockdown

We are all living in uncertain times. Many of our Twilight friends and supporters in France and countries across the globe will currently be in lockdown or quarantine, only able to go out for essential trips and faced with a seemingly constant barrage of distressing news. As we write, no one knows how long this situation will last and what life will be like afterwards. It is not surprising that we sometimes wonder whether things will ever return to normal. Twilight is, like the rest of France, in strict lockdown too, but for our gorgeous Puds life goes on as normal. In the past few weeks the sun has been shining on Twilightland and the Puds have enjoyed sitting out on the decking, catching a few rays and maybe wondering why there aren’t any cars and bicycles to bark at in the lane outside. Enjoy these pictures of our wonderful Puds (and their pals), and read this special message from Leeanne …

When my dear Godmother died recently, I felt a loss for many reasons, but had a deep sense of history gone. She was the last person I knew well, of an age who had lived through trying times. Wars, rationing, and all that brought with it. Who knew that within only a few weeks, this population’s lifetime would experience and hopefully live through this grim virus.

Here at Twilight land, life goes on with our Puddings. Sadly, two who were due in from refuges will have to wait until we can get them here, and sadly our outreach family cannot grow but the ones in these special homes are blessed.

But life isn’t going on entirely normally. Our dear volunteers are living their own lockdown, we miss them and think of them daily. And here, grateful the nurses still come for Mike, I seem to have me a bit of a bronchial going on that has led to me homebound only. Deep thanks go to our neighbour Franc, he has become our angel of urgent needs. Rowena has kept the alpacas and goats in food on her farm animal mission, and dear friends write and silliness reigns and the passing farmer waves. Vets and Drs stay in close touch by email … and the Puddings are just that …. the gorgeous Puddings. New illnesses have risen for some of them, but we manage. They don’t know of the worlds strife, not yet, and their food isn’t rationed! (Webmaster’s note: Nor, thanks to the brave delivery drivers and Zooplus will it be, so no worries there.)

Let’s be honest, it’s all a bit surreal isn’t it? How will we ever thank those who are fighting the beast for us, health workers, and all the essential workforces that keep our lives as normal as possible and, in many cases, save them. As Mummy and Daddy Twilight we continue to feel blessed for so many reasons.

I hope if you are home alone, feeling anxious, even unwell, that you can open your window and listen to the calm. That you can hear nature breathe. That when you want so desperately for company or freedom, you can momentarily experience a refuge dog’s life, or a disabled person’s plight. That when this is all over we will grow from it and be better humans. Let yourself just be. Touch and listen to the soul of your own puddings. And know that where ever you are, you are part of the Twilight family and therefore not alone. Life is fragile, and never more so than now. Let us embrace it.

Keep safe, keep well, and know that your love has saved puddings’ lives, so if you need them to give you a virtual hug to save yours …. we are all still here.