A big thank you to all our friends and supporters

As life in France continues in lockdown the Puds are cheering us all up and keeping spirits high, both in real life here at Twilight and on our Facebook pages and groups. We are lucky that our friends and supporters continue to send us parcels and the wonderful delivery drivers from Amazon, Zooplus and elsewhere drop them safely at our gates. The weather has been glorious these past few days, so the Puds have been making the most of the sunshine out in the garden and looking after daddy Twilight with lots of cuddles. Enjoy this little montage of Pudding life in lockdown.

Special Message from Leeanne …

Hello Everyone, who would have thought that so much could have changed since I sent out my last lot of ‘thank you’s’. We at Twilight are always so taken aback by the generosity and caring of our followers, never more so than now. Each and every one of us is affected by this terrible virus. Most of us by having to isolate ourselves, and in many ways we are the lucky ones. Those that have to work on our behalf need every bit of love and respect that we can give them. We are amazed at Twilight that you are still thinking about us and our thank you just does not seem enough. We pray that all of you will stay safe and well, and like many others, we also hope and pray that in a world that has lost its way, perhaps good things will come from this terrible time. With all our love, Leeanne, Mike and the Puddings xxxxx

Stay safe friends xxx