The great La Charrue Vide Grenier: An awesome of effort, love and care

A special message from Leeanne

The last big Vide of the year, Sunday 29 September 2019, the penultimate Twilight event of 2019 (yes, the C word, only our Christmas event is left). Well into our twelfth year, with over 330 dogs passed through our door, and the going is a wee bit tough just now. Everything and everyone has phases. We are in that needy phase. We need you. Daddy Twilight, 50% of the human home team is very poorly, and whilst we have no intention of giving up, we do need your help.

I have been astonished, weekly, in our desire to help the old and disabled dogs. Our mission, our desire to just make a small difference. But eleven years ago, we asked you for your help, your old bedding, any food or disinfectant, help with the vet bills, your time, poo picking or cleaning. Those requests have never changed. Some of you love what we do, equally some hold the idea in contempt, and despite never visiting, make great sweeping assumptions and cowardly personal accusations about our quest. The latter might sting, but nothing more. Age and experience, and just one look into the needy puddings’ eyes, tell me we fill a very small hole in a great big need.

But events, so necessary to our fundraising, take energy and human effort. Nine years ago I went to a vide grenier with a few boxes. I was on my own. The landlady Pauline was so kind – she donated all the pitch fees to our Twilight cause. €100 she gave me, and I had made €75. It was a breathtaking act of kindness. I had talked to everyone, quite shyly, about our cause.

At the next same event, this wonderful lady called Clare offered to help me clear up. She stayed to the bitter end, worked her butt off, then just left, no thanks seemed needed. That venue, La Charrue, has supported us twice a year for nine years. The same mighty hostess, Pauline. The incredibly dedicated regular volunteer, Clare.

Nine years on. The organisation is a well-oiled machine. The DVN people donate their wonderful ‘posh junk’, the regular volunteers Jill, Gwendoline, Jacqui and Clare, and Lesley all know the ropes. Our Paul who is the unsung driver of books here, bedding there … and could you ‘just’ please…

But, this year I couldn’t be there myself. There were not enough volunteers to cover the home base with the dogs. Mike needs 24-hour care support. As dear volunteer friend Lesley wrote to me, ‘your balls in the air, Leeanne, have turned to eggs’. She wasn’t wrong.

So, with our Annie of the DVN, our Linda of Facebook, and Liz of our Website – the SOS went out. Our volunteer Wendy, whose now eyesight needed a friend to help her run her stall. Linda S and hubby Brian, Kay, Sheila and hubby, Kez, Sara, Linda W, Ineke and our Liz all upped their game and came to help. And I believe others whose names we didn’t catch … but you know who you are.

Thanks will never ever be enough.

Pauline, our host at La Charrue, fed and watered everyone, and made not just a special price – she didn’t charge us, their incredible contribution.

Mike and I are deeply overwhelmed at all your love and care. The money raised will help to keep old and sick dogs with all they need, to live the end of their lives in dignity, with the medication they need and to live in a loving home, not outside or in a cage, and not die alone. Something that has always been important for Mike and I.

You were all absolutely awesome. Thank you, from us and from every paw in the Twilight household.

This was one event in 365 days. It took manpower and effort on so many levels. If you feel you want to get involved in some small way to help us, please, do not hesitate to contact us. If you’re not sure you can help, here are some ideas:

  • Come and cuddle a pudding
  • Poo pick
  • Clean or do some basic housework
  • Make us cakes/quiches/goodies for the freezer
  • Cut the grass
  • Do bedding or bric-a-brac collections
  • Be a storage point
  • Come sit with the puds whilst we go shopping … or just sleep!
  • Do a bit of DIY for us
  • Create your own fundraising event
  • Have a van? we need bigger pickups occasionally
  • Make crafty items for us to sell
  • Sponsor a dog for just 2€ a month

Calling isn’t always easy for us, so email in the first instance if you can please, or join us on Facebook?

It is thanks to you, we can all make a difference. Thank you for caring.

Leeanne, Mike and Puddings