Ten things you didn’t know about the Twilight Puddings

If you’re a follower of Twilight on Facebook then you’ve no doubt seen some of the antics that the Twilight Puddings get up to. Bear always has to have something in his mouth to carry around – if he can’t find his ball, then he’s quite happy to steal someone’s cushion. Little Dobbie loves swimming and Princess Nala is the head to the tribe. She likes to play the madam when a newbie arrives, and gives at least three days of tough love in a welcoming pantomime.

Here are a few other little-known ‘Pudding Facts’

  • Bacchus likes drinking black warm Earl Grey tea
  • Madge likes to play dancing first thing in the morning
  • Cannelle makes the most noise whilst mummy is trying to prepare the Puds’ yummy breakfast
  • Who poo’s the most ? Dobbie has now been beaten by Bob!
  • Dobbie snores the loudest of all Puds
  • Our cyclist alert is Caesar – always on the look out for someone pedalling past the hedge
  • Gabana can be seen watching her Daddy Twilight for many minutes every day
  • Jacob is always first to cuddle mummy when she sits in her comfy chair in the evening
  • What is Loulou’s party piece? Sitting up and looking like a rabbit  ‘cos he spent so much time with his old friends
  • Boubou loves a sofa to herself for a full out stretch