Remembering Basil – wheels on fire

In another blog post looking back at the stories of some of the wonderful dogs – over 300 – who have found shelter at Twilight, this week is the turn of Basil. Hollie was Twilight’s first experience of a paralysed, disabled dog, but with the confidence gained and the knowledge that those months at Twilight improved Hollie’s life and allowed her to feel love, Twilight was undaunted at the prospect of taking on another paraplegic. And so, in November 2014 Basil arrived.

Originally named Balthier, the Romanian street dog was only five years old. He had been run over and left paralysed from the mid-back. Basil was rescued by the Association Mukitza and flown, yes, flown to Paris. He enjoyed stardom early on, having had his own stewardess throughout the journey. Basil was met by Terry, Debs and the Colonel who were waiting to transport him to meet his new friends at Twilight. He quickly settled into the pack, making firm friends with Sabre and blind Farley and finding a place in Leeanne’s heart. Basil came with his own set of wheels, and there was nothing he enjoyed more than running on his wheels, playing with his friends or chasing the ladies!

Basil won many hearts, especially when he appeared at the Hope Book Sale with his friend Chunky, the French bulldog, as ambassadors for Twilight and rescue dogs in general. Basil took over where Hollie left. He had a strong Facebook following and people collected socks to protect his back legs, as they still do for our dear Nala. His love of activity was probably his downfall. When he wasn’t on wheels, Basil dragged himself around, often in a specially made ‘drag bag’ if it was too muddy. He was always at the front of the pack to greet any new visitor, bursting with love, licks and cuddles.

Sadly, in summer 2015 Basil had to have part of his rear leg removed due to continual problems with pressure points. His spirit was not dented by the operation and he continued to play with his friends, pulling off his bandages and ripping his stitches open, just like the little tinker that he was. Basil was not one for the quiet life. The site of the operation was a difficult place to keep clean and healing was slow. Infection set in and despite the best work of the vets, it could not be mastered. Like Hollie before him, the sad decision was taken that it was time for Basil to cross the Rainbow Bridge. He is still missed by all who remember his feisty spirit: a true handicapable dog, Basil the brave.